How are you protecting your vulnerable clients?

EmpathIQ delivers real-time Vulnerability Detection for regulated businesses.

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Customer Exploitation - A Growing Problem


Energy suppliers failing struggling customers - Ofgem

Energy firms have been failing vulnerable customers, the sector's watchdog has said, as people face a cold and costly winter.

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17 energy suppliers need to do more to help vulnerable customers this winter

Energy regulator Ofgem has published findings into the third of its series of ‘deep dives’ into how energy suppliers are helping customers this winter and beyond. 

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Financial firms accused of adding to pain of vulnerable customers

People dealing with critical illness or bereavement say poor customer service at insurers and banks often puts them through a new ordeal

Fair treatment of vulnerable customers remains a key area of focus for the FCA

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In the UK alone, 53% of adults are classed as vulnerable

With recession looming, this number is set to rise 

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We work closely with you to create a platform and process optimised for your business.

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Protecting you and your clients.

We have developed technology and processes to detect and protect vulnerable clients.

  • It's 'how' we say things

    During conversation, the majority of meaning is conveyed through how things are said. EmpathIQ uses proprietary waveform analysis combined with natural language processing to obtain a true understanding of voice, detecting the subtlest indicators of vulnerability. 

  • Detect all vulnerabily types

    With the breadth of definitions for vulnerability, EmpathIQ deploys a multi-model approach to vulnerability detection. This includes models for non-native language speaker, dementia, aphasia, right-hemisphere damage, age, mental health, emotion, sentiment and gender. 

  • Monitoring where you need it

    Experience 100% vulnerability monitoring across all calls made through your voice channels including, deskphones, softphones, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, cellular calls and more.

  • Real-time Alerts

    Configure EmpathIQ to alert senior team members and compliance teams in real-time whenever suspected vulnerability is detected.

  • Compliance, automated

    Treat every vulnerable and potentially vulnerable customer in accordance with FCA regulation by detecting vulnerability and taking appropriate action before selling commences. 

  • Bring Your Own Voice Carrier

    Give the power of AI Vulnerability Detection to your existing phone system and voice channels. EmpathIQ seamlessly integrates into the leading voice vendors. No voice channels? EmpathIQ analyses text as well!

  • Learn from the past

    Take EmpathIQ further with batch analysis of your entire calling history. Detect missed cases of potential vulnerability in historic conversations and take appropriate action. 

  • custom agent guidance

    Configure EmathIQ to guide agents through desired next steps once potential vulnerability is detected. Embed vulnerability surveys, manager alerts, call barging and much more. 

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